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In order to participate in our beta, please read carefully the Non-Disclosure Agreement:

Dear Tester,


In connection with the features, the design and the functionalities of the Lykke's platform that you will be able to explore and utilize during the testing phase, you might enter into possession or, anyway become aware of, certain confidential information which pertains to Lykke and to its Intellectual Property Rights (as defined below) (the "Confidential Information").

You, as tester, undertake to hold the Confidential Information in strict confidence and to not disclose, copy, reproduce or distribute any of it to any person.

1. You also undertake not to:

a. attempt to duplicate, modify or distribute any portion of the software comprising the platform;

b. attempt to reverse compile, disassemble, reverse engineer any of the software comprising the platform;

c. use the platform to provide whatsoever services to third parties; and

d. attempt to obtain, or assist others in obtaining, access to the platform for purposes which are not connected with the testing activity.

2. In relation to (i) the all the features, the design and the functionalities of the Lykke's platform of which you will become aware of and will utilize during the test, as well as to (ii) the platform itself, by signing this agreement, you acknowledge and accept that Lykke is and shall remain the sole and exclusive legal and beneficial owner of all intellectual and industrial property rights including, without limitation, patents, registered trademarks, registered designs, applications for and rights to apply for any of the foregoing, unregistered design rights, unregistered trademarks, copyright, database rights, know-how and any other rights in any invention, discovery or process, in each case worldwide and including all extensions and renewals (the "Intellectual Property Rights").

3. You acknowledge and agree that the undertakings set out in this agreement will survive the completion of the testing activities, for a period of one (1) year from the date of signing of this agreement.

4. You acknowledge and agree that no license of any trademark, patent, copyright or other intellectual property right is either granted or implied by the disclosure of any Confidential Information.

5. This agreement, any obligations arising out of or in connection with this agreement and the relationship between the you and Lykke are governed by and subject to the laws of Switzerland, Canton Zug, and you and Lykke hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Canton Zug in relation to any dispute arising out of the subject matter hereof.

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